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About "Max Group"

was founded in 2011 and have since become an important player of the c0n struction industry in Azerbaijan. Our main priorities are quality & short рю duction terms. We have high-end professional equipment and well-trained staff to achieve set goals.

Мах Group LLC employs extensive value driv — en experience regarding all aspects of the devel opment and construction processes. Understand­ing that every job is «custom» in nature, we have а founded belief that each and every project we participate in is one that we treat as our own; en­ suring quality and code compliance.
Integrity, Honesty, and Value are core values which we employ each and every day to continue to provide а high level of personal and profession — al service to each of our clients.
Мах Group LLC strives to maintain up-to-date industry standard software and tools to ensure quality and compatiЬle systems.

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